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Why Choose MERI

The question we at IMU-KC, always ask ourselves is - What would provoke a young under graduate to join our Institute? We dig deep within to find an answer to our own question!
  • Is it acquiring of knowledge that can help take on the world?
    Is it finding a launching pad for a secured future?
    Is it looking for a confirmed employment opportunity upon successful graduation?
    Is it the safety net of financial security & a little glamour?
    Or is it a combination of all of these?
No matter which of these are applicable to you, IMU-KC has a solution for it.


Recent Studies world over, predict a steady growth of International Trade. What this means is, "Shipping" as a mode of international and intercontinental transport system can never go out of fashion - it being the easiest & still the cheapest mode!

Agreeably, advancement in Engineering techniques & technology has had an effect on growth in terms of increase in the number of ships plying the seven seas as compared to the increase in cargo volume movement. However, with advancement in Technology, the demand for Qualified Marine Engineers has increased exponentially. Consequently, students passing out of IMU-KC, have continued to remain as one of the most sought after with the Ship Owners, globally.



Internationally reputed shipping companies hold campus interviews for the cadets for direct recruitment. This assures good prospect for the students intending to make a career at sea.

Some of the Shipping Companies that conduct campus interviews (list below is for indicative purposes only and is not exhaustive in nature) are:

  • Shipping Corporation of India
    • Great Eastern shipping
    • Varun Shipping
    • Wilco Ship Management & Transport Pvt. ltd.
    • Mobil Shipping Co. Ltd.
    • Chevron Manning Services ltd.
    • Mitsui OSK lines
    • Barber Ship Management ltd. Australia
    • Ravenscroft Shipping Inc.
    • Searland Ship Mgmt. Ltd. Austria
    • Orinoco Marine Consultancy Pvt. ltd.
    • Nortrans Pvt. ltd.
    • Anglo Eastern Shipping Mgmt. ltd.
    • Neptune Orient Lines Pvt.
    • Chellaram Shipping Pvt. ltd.
    • V-Ships Inc.
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        IMU-KC isn't just another Educational Institution. We do look beyond just assisting our students to find an employment upon successful graduation. The curriculum is geared to ensure that every student receives sufficient guidance that will help him/her to appear for the MEO-Examinations, under Ministry of Shipping, (MOS) during the Service life. Additionally, we encourage you to visit the relevant page of the D.G. Shipping Website to learn more about the rules pertaining to MANNING OF SHIPS - Certificates of Competency and EXAMINATIONS for Certificates of Competency

        IMU-KC is proud of the fact that a very high majority of her ex-students reach the rank of the "Chief Engineer" on board ships at a very early age. A large number of them, then go on to the Management Cadre positions (Superintendents, Engineering Managers, Fleet Managers etc) in Shipping Companies, both in India & Overseas.

        Many of IMU-KC's graduates prefer pursuing Higher Studies rather than joining the Merchant Navy immediately on graduation. The popular choices remain -
      • Business Management Institutions for MBA.
      • Universities Overseas for M.S./Ph.D in Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and even Master's Degree in Marine Law.
      • Computer Science & Information Technology Institutions for MCA.
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          There appears to be a general belief that studying Marine Engineering limits one to Naval jobs only - especially applicable to those who do not pursue Higher Studies.

          Facts & records, however, speak otherwise!

          Apart from remaining within the Shipping or Related Industry (National & International Shipping Companies, Marine Workshops, Surveying Concerns, Navy, Diesel Engine Manufacturers etc) on shore based jobs, the Alumni of IMU-KC today are occupying important & key positions in varied & diversified industries - from IT Sector, to Consultancy Organisations such as PriceWaterhouse Coopers & DCL, to Brick & Mortar Companies - Power, Steel, Electronics/White Goods, to Service Sector organisations like Hotel Industry etc. Many have also joined the Indian Administrative Services.

          A vast many with entrepreneurship skills, are very successfully running their own business establishments too. Needless to say, the Savings Potential while at the Merchant Navy, has assisted in setting up their own business establishments.

          While many Marine Engineers have dedicated their post-Merchant Navy services to Academic Institutions related to Marine Engineering (including IMU-KC), a number of them also hold enviable & highly respected positions in Technical Schools & Colleges overseas.

Indian Maritime University - Kolkata Campus