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Rules & Regulations

This course of training which is degree in Engineering also prepares the Cadets for the arduous life at sea by subjecting them to balanced programme of technical, general and disciplinary training and numerous co-curricular activities necessary for their eventual success in life.

Cadets are informed of the routine and activities through the following:


  • College orders
  • Hostel orders
  • Weekly orders
  • Weekly and Sunday routine notification
  • Announcements and general notice.  

      • Synopsis of these regulations are detailed below.

      1. It is compulsory for all cadets to take part in physical training, indoor and outdoor games, swimming, parade, divisions and any other co-curricular activities.
        • Cadets must carry out all written and verbal orders of authorities and rank holders promptly without any argument.

          Rank Holders are:
          • 1st Year - Leading Cadet(LC)
          • 2nd Year - Junior Cadet Captain(JCC)
          • Cadet wishing an appointment with the Director, Dy. Director must arrange it through the Officer-in-Charge - Hostel/Discipline. 
          • Wearing of Uniform is compulsory at all times. Uniform must be clean, ironed and worn correctly.
          • Cadets shall have their hair, beard, moustache trimmed and groomed properly or remain clean shaven excepting Sikh Cadets. Cadets are not permitted to wear any jewellery and ornaments.
          • Cadets will not leave the hostel without prior permission. Unauthorised absence from the hostel will be dealt with severely and may result in suspension and or serving of back time.
          • 3rd Year- Cadet Captain(CC)
          • 4th Year- Senior Cadet Captain(SCC)
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      1. Cadets must not keep large amount of cash in their possession or in the hostel. There are a number of banks close by where Cadets can open accounts.
        • Cadets must remain in hostel in proper uniform at all times. They are not to loiter in towel or sleeping suits. 
        • Cadets will use the recreation room etc. only at specific timings.
        • Cadets will take their meals/tea etc. in the dinning hall and during specified timings only.
        • Cadets will meet their guests in the lounge on the ground floor and normally between 5:30 to 7:30p.m.. Cadets having unauthorised guest or guests at odd hours will be dealt with severely and may be suspended/ removed from training.
        • Fees, Hostel and Mess dues etc. as notified are payable in advance. No notice to parents will be sent.
        • Application for exemption from any activity on medical grounds must be supported by M.O.'s Certificate. Medical officer can be consulted in dispensary on all working days from 07:30 -09:30 and 18:30-20:30 hrs. 
        • Cadets are liable to lose credit marks for being absent from hostel routine, dressed improperly and for indisciplinary activities besides other punishments.
        • Credit marks will be awarded for enthusiastic participation in various college activities.

      1. Attendance at Classes and Workshop is compulsory. Under no condition will a Cadet absent himself from classes/workshop except with proper permission.
        • Cadets are not allowed to attend Marine Workshop from home.
        • Cadets returning to hostel during normal working hours of their Workshop must report to the Hostel warden/Officer -in-Charge, Workshop/Hostels.

      1. Cadets are granted leave during periods of vacation which is declared by College Order. 1st 2nd and 4rth year cadets will be eligible for 60 days and 3rd year cadets are eligible 30 days leave only per academic year.
        • Written requests for late pass upto 10 p.m. after classes/workshop should be made well in advance.
        • A night off from hostel for staying in City may be granted at the discretion of the Officer-in-Charge on receiving specific written requests from the cadets. A maximum of 10 night offs permitted one full academic year.
        • A Cadet is liable to lose credit marks besides other punishments if he reports back late from Home leave, city leave, late pass, night off etc.
        • Cadets absent/ away from training in excess of the permitted leave on whatsoever account may lose credit marks, may be debarred from appearing in Examinations, may be removed from training on disciplinary grounds.
        • Cadets may be granted leave on recommendation of the Medical Officer. A maximum of 15 days medical leave is permitted per academic year.
        • All applications must be addressed to the Director and forwarded through the Hostel Warden.
        • In the interpretation of these rules, the Directors decision will be final.

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